The Basic Principle behind Borrowing, Lending, Funding and Investment is to Grow Capital. We derives to word GrowCap as our company name from the word Grow Capital.

GrowCap  Financial  Services is one of the non-banking financial companies  –  aims to  enable people fulfill all their ambitions.

We  think of ourselves,  not as a “Loan Company”  or  “Equity Company”,  but as a partner in your  quest
to  fulfill  your biggest ambitions in life and in business.  In this time we have evolved from  a  consumer
finance business to an asset funding company.

We offer an exhaustive suite of financial solutions for Retail Asset Services-Home Loan, Personal Loan,
Mortgages Loans,Vehicle Loans,SME Loans, Project Loan,Loans against Investments, Education Loan,
Private Equity Placement and Private Funding.

We also  offer  wide  portfolio  of  Retail Liability Services- Equity Cash,  Equity F&O, Financial  Planning,
Wealth  Advisory, Portfolio  Management Services(PMS), Commodity  Future, Currency  Future,  Foreign
Exchange, Mutual Fund, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Fixed Deposit, Govt. Bond, Corporate Bond,
Private Bond and Debt Products.